Why hire a ghostwriter?

You swore to yourself that this year you'd finally write that book. Or blog. Or speech. 

But to tell the truth, you're unsure how to get started - or where to find the time.

Ghostwriters are here to help.

We're not here to take credit for your story. We're here to help you tell it.

Here are a few of the kinds of stories that might be untold without the assistance of a ghostwriter.


  • Life-changing events. Were you there when that incident unfolded? Did you live through something challenging or unusual? Have you had a unique experience that you want to tell people about? Sometimes writing about your own life can be tricky. It can help to have an objective person talk things over and work out the best way of cutting through the irrelevant details to tell your story.

  • Family histories. People close to us can have incredible experiences. A person close to me turned out to have a relative who served in the SAS and witnessed the horrors of war in South East Asia. Do you have an interesting family history, or someone in your life with unique experiences? Huge swathes of family history can be lost across generations. A ghostwriter can help you record the interesting and unusual experiences of your loved ones.

  • Business Books. Do you have a business book idea that you’ve never had time to  write? Perhaps you've got a unique take on things that would help you cement your status as an industry expert. A series of interviews with a ghostwriter, at your convenience, can be far more time efficient way of getting your ideas onto the page.

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