Frequently Asked Questions

How does ghostwriting work?
In short, we interview you at length, and write the book in your words. We produce a manuscript. This can then be used as the basis for approaching publishers (via a literary agent). Alternatively, it can be self-published as an e-book or in print.

How long will it take?
Four to six months. The interviews tend to be around two weeks, with around four hours a day of recordings. The more time you can make available, the better. Followup interviews and questions are often necessary. 

How much does it cost?
Ghostwriting prices vary based on the nature of the project and the resources required. In the majority of cases the author will pay the ghostwriter a fee for their time, which will include a deposit ahead of any work. 

If a publishing contract has already been secured (extremely rare for non-celebrities) then this fee can be covered in part by the publisher's advance. As a rough guide: a 4-6 month ghostwriting project would start at a minimum of £15,000.

I am unable to take on authors who are not willing to pay for my time. My fee quote will include the cost of preparing a synopsis for your book and approaching literary agents. I also work with agencies that offer high quality self-publishing options. I charge a face-to-face initial consultation fee of £75 which is deductible from the total project cost.

How does publishing work?
The author usually makes an approach to a literary agent with a finished or partly-finished book. The author or ghostwriter prepares a synopsis, and interested agents work to sell the book on to publishers.

Will you work for shared royalties only?
No. I'm not willing to work for free in exchange for a slice of potential future earnings. Would you be?

Do you have your name on the cover?
This varies from project to project, and is subject to discussion.

How much does a face-to-face ghostwriting consultation cos?
I charge a flat rate of £75 for a face-to-face consultation. This can take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours at a location of your choice.